We all belong somewhere, and that somewhere is home
The Home Foundation exists to enable a world where everyone has a home.
Home is a refuge
Few words carry as much meaning. Home pulls at our heartstrings, telling the universal story of the people we love and the neighbours who surround our daily lives. It’s in the land. It’s the core of our identity.
Homelessness is a global problem that has existed for centuries. But it can be solved. Its elimination will come through a sustained commitment to work together, to advocate for the vulnerable, to innovate, to support those on the frontline and to never give up.
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  • Homelessness is not just houselessness.
    Homelessness is not only the result of insufficient housing. The most common forms of homelessness are not visible, and are likely to affect people living in your own neighbourhood.
  • One in five people will experience some form of homelessness during their lifetime.
    Homelessness is likely to affect many of us at some point in our life. There is a continuum to homelessness. From simply feeling alone and disconnected from the community, to having no physical place of safety. Homelessness can be temporary or permanent.
  • Living without a sense of belonging and insecurity of tenure are the two biggest causes of homelessness.
    Creating strong and resilient communities where people are actively welcomed and feel secure is the pathway towards ending homelessness.
  • A “lack of a home” is significant to the point that it reduces a person’s ability to thrive physically, financially, mentally and spiritually.
    Homelessness is a state of being experienced by a person when they do not have access to a place that provides: shelter, safety, permanence, a healthy environment, connection to a community, a sense of belonging.