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Our mission is to end homelessness in all its forms. We envision a world where all have a place of shelter, feel safe, and have a place to belong.
Home Foundation is a charitable trust singularly focused on the eradication of homelessness. We believe that homelessness is not just the lack of access to safe, affordable, and healthy housing, but more fundamentally living without a sense of belonging. While practically meeting the housing needs of whānau and individuals who are currently not able to access secure, safe and healthy homes is vital, it is just one of many important solutions to ending homelessness.
A home is more than just a house, it is the foundation for a sense of belonging. We believe that when people have access to safe, affordable and healthy homes, together with a sense of permanence and belonging we provide them, their whānau and their community with a greater chance of succeeding in all other areas of life.
We work together with a range of public and private sector organisations on data driven and pioneering activities, interventions, and strategies to address the causes and symptoms of homelessness. As well as meeting housing needs directly, we seek to enable and empower other organisations in the work of providing secure, healthy and affordable housing for all.
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