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Homelessness is a complex problem and it will take innumerable actions to solve. We want to acknowledge the many organisations, companies, charities and individuals who work to help those that are affected by homelessness and connected issues such as, poverty, social injustice, poor health, family dysfunction, abuse and displacement. But there is much more than can be done and we want to help enable it.
Home Foundation works with a number of key organisations and individuals in the mission to end homelessness. We would like to increase our work and our support, so that with every turn of the planet there are less people living without a home. We are growing our knowledge and sharing what we know, but we want to know more and do more.
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There is a great opportunity for landowners to help solve the homelessness problem in Aotearoa. Whilst many could argue that there are enough houses in the country for the population, with rental properties making up a large percentage of the stock, the government’s public housing waitlist hitting over 24,000 and the homeless population estimated to be 42,000, it’s clear there is not enough of suitable housing available.

If you have land that you would like to develop for residential use, we would be happy to talk to you about how you can do this. We will be able to introduce you to companies who have experience in developing and building affordable homes and connect you with organisations working with people who need these homes.
Local government
Local governments have a key role in responding to the people-need of housing in their cities and districts. With a strong understanding of the specific needs in their area, they have the opportunity to champion high quality, affordable housing and take a placemaking approach to grow flourishing communities where all citizens are enabled to live in secure and healthy homes.

In partnership with local mana whenua hapū, landowners and developers, local government can support new housing that provides healthy, energy efficient and affordable housing for the people who currently have no way of accessing suitable housing.

We want to work with local governments and understand the requirements they have within their urban planning. If your district is looking to unlock land and build flourishing communities, please contact our team.
Understanding the needs of the communities where developments are planned is crucial. Engaging with local iwi, councils, community groups and key stakeholders will ensure that developments are adding housing stock that will reduce homelessness. All too often, when profit is the only goal for a development, the people who could benefit the most from new housing suffer.

There isn’t a shortage of large, high priced housing with land in Aotearoa. Building new housing for a demographic that already is well catered for, only compounds the problem and ultimately has a negative impact on our society. Building affordable, well-designed, sustainable and healthy homes for the New Zealanders who are currently unable to secure housing is the best investment for our country.

This is an urgent need and we're keen to support any developers who are looking to increase the stock of affordable homes, designed and built to a high standard and working with partners who will ensure these homes pull people out of homelessness.
Community Housing Providers
Community Housing Providers (CHPs) are generally not-for-profit organisations that provide housing through a range of affordable rental and home ownership options. Currently, CHPs provide just over 18,500 homes across Aotearoa.

Along with the provision of housing, many CHPs offer wrap-around support to the tenants of their houses. Their services are focussed on taking their clients through the housing continuum where many may begin at needing emergency or social housing, and the aim is to support them into assisted rental or ownership right and then onto finally being able to secure long-term rented or owned housing.

Home Foundation works with a number of CHP's in different parts of the country. We would like to partner with more and invite any CHP, we are not currently working with, to get in touch.
Private landlords
Many New Zealanders can afford to buy more than one home and choose to invest in property as an income generator that increases their assets. Currently, there are approximately 120,330 active landlords registered in New Zealand.

Private landlords are in a unique position to not only build a nest egg for their retirement, but also to provide a secure home for people who can’t afford to buy their own house, which in turn supports the community where their house is located. Building a relationship with tenants, working with them to ensure the arrangement is mutually beneficial and allowing tenants to view the house as their home, will deliver the best outcomes for both parties.

If you own a rental property and you would like to use it to help people in your community to have a secure home, from which they can build their lives, we would be delighted to talk to you about your asset helping to end homelessness.
Community groups
A large part of homelessness is isolation and a lack of community. A person may have a roof over their head and secure income, and yet have no sense of belonging in the place where they live.

Community groups and initiatives are a wonderful way of bringing people together and ensuring people are not left alone and vulnerable. A community can be built around common interests, like a book club or a walking group. They can provide resources such as a community garden or foodbank. They can simply bring people together, such as sports clubs, playgrounds or public BBQ’s.

We know the power of a community where people feel secure, known and supported and we want to help community groups to have the biggest impact on their neighbourhood. We'd love to hear what you are doing in your community and look for ways to support you.
Homelessness is a complex problem that is growing across the world. Whilst there are causes of homelessness that are common to all, every country and indeed, regions within a country will need to address homelessness in ways that are particularly appropriate to their citizens.

All of our universities have researchers studying various societal, economic and political factors that contribute to the problem of homelessness. They include localised and specific studies, as well as stretching to scopes that include international projects and initiatives. Research is critical to informing action in the pursuit of eradicating homelessness, so we may learn and improve to reach maximum efficacy.

If you are researching an area that touches on the problem of homelessness, we would love to hear about it. Home Foundation is committed to growing knowledge and strengthening the work that will bring solutions.
Influencers or Citizens
In our world of social media and globalisation, it’s important that we remain human in our approach to helping our fellow citizens. There are many problems to be solved in the world, many injustices and great suffering has been caused by a myriad of societal ills.

Homelessness is connected to poverty, prejudices, corruption, poor leadership, greed and ignorance. Being educated on the problem and having a balanced understanding, will mean the voices of those advocating for change will have a positive impact on the problem. Get informed and then speak out.

Home Foundation is committed to raising awareness about homelessness and participating in the discussion on solutions. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media so we can work together to make positive change.
Over centuries, the charity sector has helped people in need where government or the private sector have fallen short. Organisations like City Mission, The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are wonderful examples of charities serving the needs of those suffering in poverty and homelessness.

Charities depend on the generosity of donors to carry out the work they do in our communities. Supporting a charity through volunteering, donations or sponsorship is an invaluable gift that can be given by those that have the resources. By partnering with charities who work on the frontline, we can connect to the people who are in need in our community and ensure we don’t add to the problem out of ignorance or a lack of empathy.

Home Foundation supports a number of charities that help the most vulnerable people in our communities. We want to support more, so please get in touch and tell us about your work in helping people live fulfilled lives in secure homes.